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Soccer Cleat and Soccer Ball Swap

Soccer Cleat and Soccer Ball Swap!
and Spirit Wear Purchase
August 31st (rain or shine)

Do you have old soccer equipment you want to get rid of?  Donate it to the WYSA Soccer Cleat and Ball Swap.  Tired of buying new cleats and soccer balls each soccer season or looking for a spare?  Swap your player's clean gently used cleats for a pair that fits or a soccer ball that is the next size!  

Dates:  August 31st
Time:    5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Where:  Jack Walsh Snack Shack (near the picnic benches on the side deck)

Bring your gently used cleats and soccer balls to the Jack Walsh Snack Shack and take home "new to you" equipment.  There is no charge and you do not have to donate equipment to participate.  (If you do not have any equipment to donate you may make an optional donation  - there will be a donation jar located near the tables.) 

Cleats should be clearly labeled with the size and tied together by the shoelaces.  Please shake off any loose dirt.  Any equipment left at the end of the swap will be donated to charity (or held over for next season's swap).

Feel free to stop by a few times to check out new arrivals!


WYSA Spirit Wear will also be available for purchase including backpacks and sweatshirts.

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WYSA Evening with the Revs

Come join friends and teammates at the Westford Youth Soccer Night with the Revs on September 10th as they take on New York City FC down in Foxboro at 7:30. Players like Frank Lampard, David Villa, and Andres Pirlo will be demonstrating their skill against Kai Kamara, Lee Nguyen, Diego Fagundez and the rest of the New England Revolution. As part of our partnership program with the Revs, WYSA has a limited number of discount tickets available for the game. For tickets, simply go to this link or contact Meghan O'Connell (508-549-0473) to get in on the fun


Full Link: https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/revolution/EN/link/promotion/home/4d2a46a112403e061424e4b76ec0de7a58f1e1c5



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Fall 2016 Season Information

Fall Soccer is Almost Here!
Information for Players


SEASON START DATE (First Game and practice) 

  • Gr K - Saturday, September 10th (combined practice / game)
  • Gr 1 - Saturday, September 10th (combined practice / game)
  • Gr 2 - Saturday, September 10th (practices start the week of Sep 5)
  • Travel (Gr 3/4, Gr 5/6, Gr 7/8) - Saturday, September 10th (practices start the week of Aug 21)
  • Gr 9-12 - Sunday, September 18th (practices start the week of August 28)


  • November 5th/6th

If you have not heard from your coach by the dates listed below please contact the appropriate age director. 

  • Gr K, Gr 1, Gr 2 - Sunday, August 28
  • Gr 3/4, Gr 5/6, Gr 7/8 - Sunday, August 14
  • Gr 9-12 - Sunday, August 21

In-Town Players (Gr K, Gr 1, Gr 2) will be provided team shirts before their first game.

Travel players (Gr 3/4, Gr 5/6, Gr 7/8, Gr 9-12) ordered their uniforms when they registered if they registered before July 21.  Travel players registering on or after July 21 have to purchase their uniforms separately using the on-line link in their registration confirmation email that they received once they paid their registration fees.

Click here or go to the "Equipment" tab under the "General Information" tab for information on cleats, shinguards, ball size and other equipment needed for the season.  See the news posting below on the Soccer Ball and Cleat swap.

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Register Now for Fall Soccer

Fall 2016 Registration is Open

FALL REGISTRATION:  Registration is open for the Fall 2016 Soccer season.  Click here to register and select "Fall Player Registration" for the Registration category.

  • Travel (Grade 3/4, Grade 5/6, Grade 7/8) - JUNE 17 (at 11:59 pm EST)
  • HS Age (Grades 9-12) - August 25 (at 11:59 pm EST)  
  • In-Town (Grade K, Grade 1, Grade 2) - August 1 (at 11:59 pm EST) 

General Information:

  • To register on-line click here.           
  • If this is the first time you are registering, click here.           
  • To determine which age group your child should register for click here.           
  • For an overview of our soccer programs click here.           
  • For more detail on the different age groups click here.           
    • For information on the travel program click here.           
  • For Frequently Asked Questions click here.

If you have questions about which age group your player should register for please contact the appropriate division director.  See Contacts page for contact info. 

Please note the deadline for requesting refunds for the Fall 2016 season is August 1, 2016.


  • Grade K - This program follows a clinic-style program.  Players and coaches meet on Saturdays for a practice followed by a game.  This program does not have a practice during the week.
  • Grade 1 - This program follows a clinic-style program.  Players and coaches meet on Saturdays for a practice followed by a game.  This program does not have a practice during the week.

Click here for more information on the format for all age groups

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New Travel Uniform Procedures Starting Fall 2016

New Travel Uniform Procedures Starting Fall 2016

WYSA will be implementing new procedures for travel uniforms for those players in the travel soccer program.  This includes players in Grade 3/4 (U10), Grades 5/6 (U12), Grades 7/8 (U14) and Grade 9-12 (HS Age).  

Important notes:

  • For the Fall 2016 / Spring 2017 travel soccer year players will be required to purchase the entire kit of jersey, shorts and socks.  In-town Players (grade K (U6), grade 1 (U7) and grade 2 (U8) do not need to purchase a travel uniform and will receive their team shirts from their coaches.
  • For travel players registering on or before July 10, 2016 uniforms will be ordered and paid for as part of the registration process.  These players will receive their uniforms from their coach.  The cost for these players will be $50 including shipping and handling.
  • Travel players registering after July 10th will need to order their uniform directly from our supplier. Uniforms ordered through the supplier will be shipped directly to the player’s home address and not included in the “pack by team” shipment with regular registration uniforms.  The cost of the kit for these players will be $60 plus shipping and handling.  Ordering information will be included in your email confirmation.


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q:  Why do we have to buy new uniforms?
A:  Most of the big uniform vendors create new uniform designs every 2 years and then discontinue production.  During the last few years the uniform we were ordering was discontinued but we were able to order uniforms that were very similar in style which meant we had several versions of the current uniform.  The last similar option we had was discontinued this year.  So a new uniform is required.

Q:  How does this process benefit me?
A:  There are several advantages to this program.  Since ordering will be on-line parents will not have to juggle their family activities to attend uniform nights.  WYSA is able to get a bulk discount and pass that discount on to our members.  Since numbers will be assigned by teams number conflicts will be eliminated.

Q:  Does WYSA make money on uniform purchases?
A:  WYSA has negotiated the best possible pricing for our members and the cost savings are passed on to our members.  There is no mark-up on the uniform kit sales.  Families will also have opportunities to purchase backpacks, sweatshirts and other items at a discount through the WYSA website (more information below).

Q:  Why do I have to purchase my uniform now?  The season doesn’t start for several months.
A:  WYSA needs time to generate the order and send it to our supplier.  Our supplier then needs time to manufacture the order, print the jerseys with the WYSA logo and numbers, and pack and ship the order to WYSA.

Q:  Will I have to buy a new uniform in the spring?
A:  The uniform will be good for both the fall and spring season.

Q:  My child only plays in the spring.  Do they have to buy a new uniform?  Is there a discount since my child will only use the uniform for one season?
A:  All travel players (Grade 3/4 and up) are required to have the uniform.  Those players that only participate in the spring are still required to purchase a uniform.  Since WYSA passes on the cost savings to our members we are not able to discount the uniforms for spring only players.

Q:  Will I have to buy a new uniform next fall?
A:  For Fall 2017 players will need to purchase a new jersey but can reuse the socks and shorts from the previous year.

Q:  Can my child pick his/her jersey number? 
A:  Since numbers will be assigned by team, players are not able to select their own numbers.


Ordering Information

Q:  How do I order my child’s uniform?
A:  If you register your player on or before July 10th you will order your uniform as part of the registration and the cost will be included in your registration fees.  If you register after July 10th see the next question.

Q:  I registered late.  How do I order my child’s uniform?
A:  If you register after July 10th you will need to order your uniform directly from our supplier.  The cost will be slightly higher and you will need to pay shipping and handling. We are establishing a WYSA team site with our supplier and a link to that site will be provided to families who need to purchase a uniform through the site prior to the fall season.

Q:  What do I need to buy?
A:  Each player is required to buy a jersey, shorts and socks.

Q:  What sizes are available?
A:  The following sizes will be available:

  • Jerseys and Shorts:
    • Youth: Medium, Large, X-Large
    • Adult: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Socks:  Size 1 (small - Y10 – 2 shoe), Size 2 (medium - 3 – 7 shoe), Size 3 (large – size 8+ shoe)

Click here for a sizing chart with specific measurements of shorts and jersey sizes

Q:  How do I know what size to buy?
A:  For a size chart click here.  Sample items will be available for players to try during skills assessments.  If you have already registered and need to change your size you will be able to edit your registration and correct the size but this must be done by July 10th

Q:  Can I order extra socks or shorts?
A:  Yes extra socks and shorts may be added to your order. 

Q:  When will I receive my child’s uniform?
A:  Uniforms ordered by July 10th will be delivered to WYSA and distributed by your coach during the coaches meeting in early September. Coaches will be able to hand out uniforms at one of the first pre-season practices of the fall season.  Uniforms ordered after July 10th will be shipped to your home.


Spirit Wear

Q:  How can I purchase other WYSA apparel such as backpacks and sweatshirts?
A:  Once the WYSA team site is online (target launch date is 7/1/16) spirit wear and optional apparel can be ordered online at any time. Backpacks and sweatshirts will continue to be sold at the Jack Walsh snack shed when it is open on Saturday morning during the soccer season.

Q:  Can I order other merchandise at a discount?
A:  Yes, WYSA is arranging a relationship with our distributor to be able to order other non-WYSA specific soccer related merchandise at a discounted rate.


Refunds, Exchanges and Replacements

Q:  My child lost a part of their uniform.  How do I replace it?
A:  During the season families can use the WYSA team site to replace lost items by ordering them online and having the items shipped to their home.

Q:  If my child decides not to play can I receive a refund?
A:  Provided you have completed the drop and notification form (available on the website) by the posted deadline you can receive a refund for the uniform.  If your child expects to play in the spring you can also choose to keep the uniform for the spring season.

Q:  If my player is waitlisted and cannot be placed on a team can I receive a refund for the uniform?
A:  Yes.  If your child cannot be placed on a team you may return the new, unworn uniform kit with the tags still on the item.  Other merchandise such as sweatshirts and backpacks cannot be returned.

Q:  What do I do if I ordered the wrong size?
A:  If you ordered the wrong size WYSA will make every attempt to accommodate your request for a different size once everyone has received their order.

Q:  What do I do if I received the wrong size (but ordered the correct size)
A:  If an item is different than what you ordered WYSA will work with you to get your item exchanged as quickly as possible.  Note:  Exchanges can only occur with new, unworn merchandise with the tags still on the item.

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Win Tickets to the New England Revolution!

New England Revolution Ticket Drawings

Westford Youth Soccer is pleased to announce giveaways for 4 tickets for each of the 2016 Revolution Home Games at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.  This is a great opportunity for you and your family to experience the thrill of professional MLS soccer while cheering on the Revs.  One drawing will be held for each Revs home game during the 2016 season.  


Click here for entry rules.

by posted 03/30/2016
Pets at the Soccer Fields
Pets at Westford Soccer Fields
Pets are not permitted at the Westford Academy Turf Field or any Westford Rec Department fields including Jack Walsh, Old Nab (Captain Hamilton), Frost, and Community Fields (Nutting Road).  This is a Town of Westford Ordinance or in the case of Westford Academy a school policy.

Parents - if you bring your pets to soccer games or practices at Blanchard or Robinson please follow these guidelines:
  • Please keep animals on a leash (and keep the leash at a reasonable length)
  • Please keep animals away from the sidelines of the field so they don't distract/scare the players
  • Particularly on the fields with younger players please keep your pets away from the action
  • Please clean up after your pets
  • Please control your pets so they don't run up to people

For travel players – many towns do not allow pets on the fields so you may want to check the town’s soccer website to see if they allow pets.  For HS Age teams the NVYSL League prohibits pets from all games.

Thank you for your cooperation!
Westford Youth Soccer

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Not Receiving E-Mails from WYSA?
Not Receiving E-Mails from WYSA?

Most soccer communications (team assignment, game schedule, team notices, etc.) are sent by email through our website.  In order to make sure you receive these important emails please do the following:
  1. Make sure your Spam Filter allows emails from   League Athletics has directions for most current email programs.  Click here for more information.
  2. Periodically check your spam and junk mail folders to make sure important soccer communications haven't been marked as spam.
  3. Check your account to make sure your email addresses are valid.
  4. Make sure you haven't checked off the "No Email" option or unsubscribed to emails.  If you want to receive the emails click here for instructions or click on "Parents/Player" and then select "Parent Instructions for WYSA Web."  The instructions are at the bottom of the page.

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